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September 20, 2014 

About JSC

About JSC Investments LLC

JSC Investments LLC acts as an investing third party in certain situations where either a renter would like to purchase a new house or the house he/she is currently renting, or a seller wishes to sell his/her property through a lease purchase agreement. We also directly purchase homes outright to lease or sell through a rent to own agreement.

We help people both buy and/or sell their next home though a lease purchase agreement, a rent to own strategy. This strategy of lease purchasing is a hybrid between traditional home sales and standard lease/rental agreements. We look to solve problems for both sellers who are having difficulty selling their property or looking to sell their home without the high costs associated with a realtor as well as helping potential home buyers find an opportunity to begin home ownership.

Typically we begin by qualifying prospective buyers and then work to find them a suitable rent to own home in the location they prefer. Once qualified, we focus our efforts on current home sellers or landlords who will consider the lease purchase alternative. Then we work to construct the agreements for both transactions. In most cases, we are the "middle man" and are party to both transactions; however, we also act as consultants to help you structure your own lease purchase agreement.

About this website

This website is a totally open and free resource available to everyone. Anyone may list multiple property wanted listings and/or multiple property available listings. While we concentrate on the rent to own niche of the real estate market, listings may be placed for purchase only and/or rent only. The only restriction we have is that this website is limited to the United States.

We receive some modest revenue from advertisors. Our primary source is Google AdSense which pays us a small commission when a visitor clicks on one of their listings that are placed on most pages of this website. We receive other revenue from affiliated advertisors who pay a commission when a visitor clicks through our website and makes a purchase from the advertisors website.

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