Rent To Own Homes: Tucson, Arizona

July 28, 2014 

Rent to Own Homes: Tucson, Arizona: Wanted Listings

Home Wanted Listings: ArizonaListings submitted by people who are looking for a rent to own home located in or near Tucson, Arizona follow. Are you are looking for a home? First check our homes available page for Arizona. Also you should consider submitting a request for your own rent to own home wanted listing. See the Free Home Wanted Listings page on this website.

1308171: looking in Tucson or Vail, Arizona for a single story, rent to own home with lots of tile or wood floors, 2 car garage, large yard, no pool, stucco or brick exterior.

1403251 - Tucson, AZ: would like a single family rent to own home, newer or remodelled, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, back yard, garage preferred, located in mid town Tucson, AZ between Swan, Pantano, Golf Links, Broadway.

1403281: want a three or four bedroom rent to own home.

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