Rent To Own Homes: New York

August 20, 2014 

Rent to Own Homes: Brooklyn, NY: Wanted Listings

This page contains home wanted listings that were submitted by individuals who are looking for a home to either buy, lease or rent to own and is located in Brooklyn, NY. If you are looking for a home, submit a request for your own wanted listing at our Free Home Wanted Listings page. Also, check our homes available page for New York.

1302181: this married professional couple is searching for a vermin free rent to own home that has three bedrooms, a driveway and is in good repair.

1312101: looking in Brooklyn, NY for a home to lease with two bedrooms, a living room and a dining room.

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Are you looking for a home to lease, buy or rent to own in New York? See Available Rent to Own Homes: New York.



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