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October 15, 2019:  

Selling Homes: Rent To Own Approach

As you can see, there are many benefits a lease to own deal can provide you, including:

  • Immediate relief from mortgage payments
  • Fast Solution to the "Nice House in a Slow Market" scenario
  • Guaranteed no vacancy
  • No need to severely discount the purchase price
  • Tax deduction (since the property can be treated as "rental" for tax purposes)


Home Wanted ListingsYou may be thinking to yourself, "I appreciate the rent to own real estate lesson, but what's your angle?" First, we are not real estate agents, but a group of private individuals, like yourself. We deal wholesale direct with the public. We are in the business of privately leasing, buying and marketing houses in the Chicagoland area. On a national basis, we provide a free and open forum for buyers and sellers. There is no obligation whatsoever. We don't even require any registration. We do, however, depend on advertising to help support the cost of this website. That is why you will see advertisements on most pages.

It's your choice, but the first step you should take is to tell people your home is available. List it on this website. This service is totally free and without obligation. If you accomplish your goals without any further assistance from us, that's fine and congratulations. If you know someone that may benefit from our services, please tell them about us.

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It can't hurt to list with a real estate agent or broker. However, most real estate brokers simply "list" your property. This means they stick it in the multiple listing computer and wait for a bite. The first problem with this method is that there are thousands of other homes in the computer that read just like yours. If you want to move your house FAST, you have to offer something different. The rent to own approach is that special something that can make your house attractive. The second problem is that many realtors don't know what a rent to own transaction is, how it works, and how to market such a deal.

One final point: JSC Rent To Own Homes website is a niche website. While we do not have thosands of listings like the "big boys", we do have a focus for those who wish to either lease or rent to own their home. Your listing will not get lost in the jungle. So, if you are trying to find a tenant for your home (lease or rent to own), list it here.