Rent To Own Homes: New Hampshire

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October 15, 2019:

Free Real Estate Leads: New Hampshire: Rent to Own Homes Wanted



1806141 - Hudson: This person wants a home to either lease or rent to own that has 2+ bedrooms and is located in Hudson, New Hampshire.

1809141 - Kingston: Would like to get a home that is in Kingston, New Hampshire. Want 3 bedrooms, 1+ bathrooms and a garage.

1902181 - Manchester: Looking in Manchester, New Hampshire for a home to either lease or rent to own.

New Hampshire: residential real estate statistics:
The median home values in New Hampshire is $270,200, and they are increasing by almost 8% annually. With a property tax rate of 2.17%, a home with a value of $250,000 would have a property tax bill of $5,425.